Tornado Help

How to Help

There are many ways to help, but there are also many ways to hurt yourself or the operations taking place throughout the city. If you are not a resident or are not trained/equipped for the disaster, consider monetary donations or helping outside the disaster zone.

The HOME PAGE has a list of everything, but try to choose a place that is close to where you are at so as not to add to the traffic problem. You can call and ask the businesses and churches if they could use monetary or physical help.

Tornado Map and Info

Direct link: Google Map Custom

Contact if you would like access to edit this map or would just like to add to it.

Donate Time/Services/Volunteer

In Person
You can go in person to the new Joint Disaster Management Center in Garland to be assigned a job.
Address: Granger Recreational Center, 1310 W Avenue F, Garland, TX 75040

By Phone
Donations: Church in the City: 1-325-450-6592
Volunteer: Church in the City: 1-325-450-7827

Online (Not Official)
Please sign up at and read who needs help.

Donate Money

  • Businesses: Donate money to the businesses offering things for free so they can continue to do so.
  • Animals: Rowlett Tornado Animal Relief:
  • Animals: Rowlett Animal Shelter:
  • Emergency Response: Rowlett CERT: This non-profit helps in every Rowlett weather emergency, and has been working tirelessly on this one. Donate Here
  • General: Red Cross: You can always donate to Red Cross, they by law must go to every disaster nationwide.

Donate Money to Individuals

I will attempt to verify and list ways to donate to families here.

  • L
    • Lopez (Marine Son, Rowlett Drill Team Daughter)
  • W
    • Walter (Single Dad who recently lost Wife)

Command Line: